About Wellspring Lutheran Services

It’s a definition and a name that’s a perfect fit.

Wellspring: (def.) n. 1. The head or source of a stream; a fountainhead. 2. An abundant supply or source.

Two outstanding Lutheran human care service organizations have joined in mission and purpose under a new name: Wellspring Lutheran Services.

By joining Lutheran Child & Family Service of Michigan with Lutheran Homes of Michigan under the Wellspring Lutheran Services brand, we will be able to serve people and communities in new ways. We’ll be able to engage them at every stage of life to help them discover and embrace their own potential. So together, we can bring more of God’s love to a world in need.

By listening to the people we serve and understanding their needs, we can engage together — individuals, families, health professionals, staff, volunteers, community leaders, congregations and educators — to become a wellspring of hope and healing.

We’ve always played an important role in the lives of families in transition. As Wellspring Lutheran Services, we can help change lives, build strong families and transform communities.

And we will.

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