Please feel free to take a look at our digital download Advent Resource, Living Hope, from Christianity Today.  We believe that there is something of God’s beauty in these lessons for everyone in the family.  Go ahead and click on the grey buttons to open and print each lesson.  Blessings!

What is RightNow Media?

In short, RightNow Media is a Christ-focused Bible Study Library that is digital and for all ages.  You can search this vast library by topic or book of the Bible.  All-in-all, RightNow Media is a blessing for all who take part in this life-changing, Christ-centered resource.

How can I gain access and what will it cost me to do so?

It’s simple!  Follow this link and fill out the basic information to gain unlimited access from any mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.  Oh, and it is free to you and your family!  

Now for some Advent and Christmas Resources from RightNow Media!


Christmas Studies

Kid’s Christmas Series

Here are some Christmas Resources that have been reviewed and get our seal of approval. That means you won’t be disappointed when you purchase any of these for your family’s devotion time this Advent season.