Jon Livingston: Congregation President


Bio: Serving first term as president (2013-2014).  In 1997, married Becky Livingston who are parents to Warren (99), Lily (01) and Ian (07).  Serving Active Duty in the Michigan Army National Guard as a Sergeant First Class, enlisted in 2002 and currently assigned as a Training and Operations Non-Commissioned Officer at State Headquarters.  Served 2 combat tours, 2004-05 to Iraq and 2010-11 to Iraq/Afghanistan.  Currently a Junior at Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Ministry Leadership.
As the president of this congregation and council, it is my mission to serve and represent the congregation in fulfilling the Spirit-led will of the congregation.  Our mission, as presented in our constitution, provides a great scope for application that the boards and committees take the lead in fulfilling practically.  As chair of Council, it is my responsibility to ensure we are staying “on mission” in accordance with Scripture and our by-laws.  Here’s how you can help:
* Help me set the agenda for meetings, both congregation and council meetings.  I along with the Pastor and officers set the agenda.  Your input can help determine what the congregation is willing and prepared to do in fulfilling our church’s mission.
* Attend meetings.  If you are a voting member we need you there.  If you aren’t a voting member, seek out an Elder to understand how to become one, but you are still welcome to attend and observe.
* Serve.  Service is our privilege as followers of Christ.  We have several diverse boards and committees that fit your gifts and talents.  See any one of our officers to find out more!
Feel free to contact me any time.  I’m not always immediately available, but I will reply to your correspondence as soon as possible or refer you to the appropriate officer or staff.