Baptism is a gift of God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in which He gives us faith in Him. He connects the baptized to the benefits of Jesus’ perfect life, sacrificial death on the cross and victorious resurrection. He calls the baptized by name and says, “You are mine!” He gifts us with forgiveness, abundant life, and the promise of paradise in heaven. And, He promises to be with us; not against us, but present and on our side now and forever.

Choosing Godparents/Sponsors

Consider who will be the Godparents/Sponsors for your child. Remember that Godparents will be taking on a spiritual responsibility for your child (praying for and encouraging spiritual growth). They should share our faith in the Triune God, are Christian and are in an active relationship with Jesus. There is no “magic” number of Godparents.

Whoever you choose will feel very honored. Remind them that this is a life-long commitment. They do not have to be relatives. They should model their life as a Christian living out their faith. Your chosen Godparents will be given a sponsor card stating the baptism date and their responsibilities in this role which are:

  • Remember my Godchild in personal prayers
  • Recognize my Godchild on his/her baptism birthday
  • Remind my Godchild of his/her covenant with God
  • Do all to keep my Godchild faithful to the Christian faith

Planning the Baptism

Plan the baptism as soon as possible AFTER the child is born.

Schedule the baptism BEFORE the baby is born. Contact our church office, 517-543-4360 and let us know when you would like your child baptized.  We will also ask you some information for our church records and for the Baptismal Certificate.

Because the gift of Baptism is given to God’s people, we encourage families to have Baptisms done during the worship service.

On the day of the Baptism, please arrive no later than 20 minutes before the start of the service. The pastor performing the Baptism will meet with you to discuss what will happen during the service.